by Jason Alarm

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The debut EP, 'Engage', is a collection of the best songs from the early days of Jason Alarm.

The EP was professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Krohn at Deep Deep Pink Studios in Lansing, MI


released May 29, 2009

Matt Waterman - Vocals/Guitar
Pat Hogan - Bass
Kirk Mason - Drums
Brandon Blanchard - Synthesizer



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Jason Alarm Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: Friday The 13th
My mommy’s doing magic I never knew my daddy
I was such an ugly kid
And did you leave when I fell in the water
I’ve began to think you did
And I guess it’s far too hard for you to see
How your childish ways can start catastrophes
You’ll never get the best of me
You’ll never get the best of
What’s this world coming to
I’ve got a future and now I see it
You should just (give up) give in
I’m never gonna die
You’re never gonna win
You’re all dressed up
Oh but baby not for long
And now I’m out of my casket
It feels so good ‘cause it’s been so long
And I hate to bear the news you’ll surely hate
But you picked the wrong time to fornicate
Why didn’t you just masturbate
Why didn’t you just master
Track Name: Wild Zero
Headed down to the punk rock show
No car still gotta go
So I think I’ll hop on this motor bike
I’m meeting up with my zombie friends who
Can’t speak can’t make amends
I can feel it’s gonna be a long long night
We all got caught up in this wild zero
No time to save yourself
No time for no one else
We all got caught up in this wild zero
I’ll try to hit the road
Before my head explodes
A gang of zombies from outer-space
Sent here to destroy my race
And so much more than I’ll ever know
Punk rock got me this far
Slash planes with my guitar
And so much more than I’m here to show
And when the smoke clears and all my friends are laying in the dust
I’m gonna be there to clean it up
And when they leave this town that’s when I know that they’ll be through with us
I wanna see this thing erupt
Track Name: It Only Matters
I’m getting tired of my every day
I was reaching out I never found a way
In a week or two my records gonna hit the shelves
I’ll never have to sit and wait around for anything else
‘Cause I don’t wanna sweat a single drip
I want it all without a sacrifice
I’m never gonna slip
‘Cause we want it fast, we want it now
We want it free, but we don’t know how
How far will I go, how long will I last
It only matters if we get there fast
We want it fast, we want it now
We want it free, but we don’t know how
I’d know I’m nothing if I had a brain
There’s nothing in this world I can’t obtain
With the passion and ambition that I’ve got right here
That’s what everybody told me so you best stand clear
Track Name: Dark Times (For Harold)
Now that we’re at the end
Where did our time go
Despite the memories, it’s something that I feel I’ll never know
And as it tapers
This paper
Will have to leave the wax once and for all
And when you leave me I’ll try to stand tall
And I see I’ve fallen victim to all these lines
And the thought of what I’m losing kills me every time
I guess I should have known
This fate would be my own
Am I really meant to walk this world alone
I partly take the blame
I never tried to preserve
But being robbed of this is something you and I don’t deserve
And what I took for granted
Like you said
Is dead and gone right here in under a day
I couldn’t even save it
In the last bit of my dismay
A purple war
Forever more
And I guess I should have known
This fate would be my own
Am I really meant to walk this world alone
And it’s never gonna be the same ever again
Never gonna be the same ever again
Never gonna be the same ever again
Never gonna have another best friend
Track Name: Cobras
Let’s show ‘em what we’ve got to lose
Tell me what you’ve got to prove
Anything they can do we can do better
We can give ‘em the old one two
Computer, computer show me where it’s at
I need some positive contact
I want faster planes, hotter chicks
Smaller brains, and bigger dicks
You swallow everything I can remember
I haven’t seen that face since last December
I am your poltergeist, you’re my pretender
The future’s a place you’ll never survive
So clear me out while you’re still alive
Do it like this, do it like that, try mine
They’ve even got it up in the skyline
A bunch of kids still flip their lids
Never knowing what the hell they’re motivation is
Always in a hurry, always in a rush
I liked you better when you’re airbrushed
I bought her flowers, but she prefers cobras
And I’m only getting older (come on)
The fittest girls
They do what fits
People getting ruthless with their carrots and sticks
And I can only hope to sit back and watch it on my own
Like the biggest kids become the biggest problems
We put them up for adoption
And I can only hope they’re dying all alone
I bought her cobras, but she prefers vipers
I can never delight her
Some day she’s gonna bring me to my knees
I’ll be the king, you’ll be my fool
Got the world on a string and the stars on a spool
‘Till they all run out and there’s no one left but me